Monday, July 17, 2017

Behind a Wall

Stop bringing me pleas ‬
‪From backstabbing tears‬
‪In world full of fears‬
‪Brought by long and dreadful years. ‬
‪Your seas are calmed by anger‬
‪Finding joy within my restlessness,‬
‪And I know not to find your truth‬
‪Not hidden but blatantly helpless. ‬
‪I’ve resigned to the ghost of you‬
‪I have lived long enough to lose‬
‪And though one can assume such misery ‬
‪It is not, but finding joy in the noose ‬
‪Rainbow screens through cold glass‬
‪Grown accustomed to the fuss‬
‪Hiding a dark, scary world‬
‪And a mind that sores at last.

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