Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Boy Who Cried Love

A boy who cried love,
Rejoiced upon the feeling
So dearly found within those
Claiming his cries to hold meaning.

O this beloved child,
Such symphony to the heart,
It is to you I've committed
My wretched and dreadful life.

I find peace within myself,
When I recall those summer eyes,
While your lips pressed against my skin
Drown me in silent, endless nights.

It is now a summer away,
A fall, a winter, a summer away
Long gone after claiming your love
Of being too weary and exhausted to stay.

I know not to live with such pain,
Nights surrounded by lakes, days of disdain,
Constantly reminding me of the day
When you shallowly tossed my love away.

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