Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Fear That Killed

Nearly spent I have found
The very last of my penitence.
Wretched is no longer,
As my solitude has been cured. 

My kingdom of dooms departed,
And I can now find peace within.
Reach out 
Around old, sweet melodies of my tranquil.

I am cured, I tell you!
My windows sob with the fondest felicity
Growing, like children of hope grow
To become their forlorn fears.

As a child I also grew,
I tried and failed and grew.
I became my depths,
And grew into my day-time shadows
Omnipresent even in my times of contentment.

As an adult I know
My weaknesses and strengths,
But foremost my weaknesses.
I acknowledge my easy decay,
Prone to endless rains
In the most inappropriate moments.

Nevertheless I am cured!
For the rest of eternity,
I now rest, I can happily dream
Amid those who also rest
Forever below your ground.

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