Saturday, March 28, 2015


I dare myself to find a soul like yours,
I dare myself to seek such a pure feeling,
I dare these undaunted fingers to attempt to start what could be an endless journey,
A journey in the search of something nonexistant,
something that could be compared to this creature,
a creature that came from the darkest to lighten up the forest that has grown in my heart.
A creature hat came to warm up cold feet, feet that had been frozen by this forest,
A creature unafraid to sow its love in the deepest, and to let it grow strong without even trying.
A creature that cannot be compared to previous summers,
a creature that will could save me.

What seems to be shown is nothing compared to what is felt,
and what is actually said to be felt is nothing compared to the sentiment that blossoms from my soul.

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