Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Fear That Killed

Nearly spent I have found
The very last of my penitence.
Wretched is no longer,
As my solitude has been cured. 

My kingdom of dooms departed,
And I can now find peace within.
Reach out 
Around old, sweet melodies of my tranquil.

I am cured, I tell you!
My windows sob with the fondest felicity
Growing, like children of hope grow
To become their forlorn fears.

As a child I also grew,
I tried and failed and grew.
I became my depths,
And grew into my day-time shadows
Omnipresent even in my times of contentment.

As an adult I know
My weaknesses and strengths,
But foremost my weaknesses.
I acknowledge my easy decay,
Prone to endless rains
In the most inappropriate moments.

Nevertheless I am cured!
For the rest of eternity,
I now rest, I can happily dream
Amid those who also rest
Forever below your ground.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Life With a Man

I’ve found a richness,
The flavorful taste of overbearing. 
It grows profound in my tastebuds,
It’s pleasant to the sight.
To the taste, of course.
Its odor, 
Rich as well; addictive.

Though I find strange
As it’s overpowering taste takes over,
It leaves an uncomfortable feeling,
And one must sweeten,
As one sweetens life with pleasures.
Otherwise this richness
Is not but a vague, unpleasant encounter
Which will not find a way to exist again

Like tea, 
Coffee can be pleasant, tranquil
In a sweetened sense.
Can find peace with my very tastebuds
If it learns to be like tea: smooth, 
Graciously mellow.
Coffee can be sweet like tea
Only if it wants to be

Yet, only this way
Can coffee find serenity

With me.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Our Mother Earth

I found some of these pictures on Tumblr and I think they comically depict how our Earth is decaying due to the actions of climate change deniers. It's mesmerizing to think that one of the most powerful people on the planet—AKA the leader of our Nation—, Donald J. Trump, legitimately thinks climate change is a hoax. Even recently, when asked if he still thought global warming was a hoax, he gave no clear response. What does it have to come to for everyone to realize this is a serious issue? How many species have to go extinct and how many people have to die due to extreme weather events for people to be able to realize climate change is not a hoax?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Para vos, mi perdición

Para vos, mi perdición
Con ojos más profundos que cualquier océano,
Un alma con bondad inagotable,
Que me busca, me convence cada vez,
Que me brinda esperanza cuando ya no veo el fin,
Y me arrastro sin revoltijo hacia tus pies divinos.

Para vos, mi perdición
Que me salva de aquellos longevos días,
Cuando brilla la luna más fuerte que mi deseo de vivir,
Y sin embargo es de día.

Para vos, mi perdición
Yo proclamo mi amor por ti,
Uno absoluto e inmortal,
Jamás perfecto,
Más, indudablemente, imperfectible.

Para vos, mi perdición, mi salvación
Que se marchó cuando mis mares se separaron,
Lo dejaron ir y huyó.

Para vos, mi salvación,
Que una vez fue a mi lado,
Y hoy es memoria,
Marchitando cada día, cada hora, cada segundo en su ausencia.

Para vos, mi amor perdido, soy eterna.

Nosotros, Sangre de Fuego

Fue sangre de fuego
La que nos unió con pasión,
Y nuestras vidas fueron un sacrificio
Que sucedió para experiencia propia.

Fue tan fugaz
Que al parpadear,
Fuiste ya mi pasado, y mis lágrimas
Yacían ya cansadas en el suelo,
Sin esperanza alguna en tu regresar.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Peru needs help

After three long weeks of destructive mudslides and floods that have left over 50,000 people homeless and over 70 people dead, Peru is going through a rough time due to the effects of climate change. This situation is expected to continue for another two weeks, leaving many more affected.

Because of the severity of this situation, Hispanic Student Association at the University of Florida has decided to help me spread awareness so people can donate and provide peruvians the help they desperately need! You can help too by donating to these sites:,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I have nothing to say

I have nothing to say.
In a world where oppression grows on the daily,
Injustice exists,
And respect doesn't live amongst us.
I—have nothing to say.

I hear conversations
Between family members,
Between friends,
Between strangers.

Conversations about chaos,
About the daily storm of events falling upon us,
About those who confront prejudices,
About those who are white, those who are black,
About those who are old and young,
About those oppressed by our relentless society,
About everyone.

I, too, face this,
And I want to share.
I want to share my opinion, my struggles.
I want to share my daily internal suffering caused by those who think less of me.
Who think of me as a less intelligent, less capable person.
This, I want to share.
Yet I can't.
I can't share because
"What do I know?
As a young, unemployed person,
As a woman, as an immigrant."
I hear it again: "What do I know?"
I then think to myself: "I—have nothing to say."

To ignorance,
To injustice,
To closed mindedness,
To those who think times are unchanging,
And today's oppression is as well.
To those who complain too much and do too little,
To those who want me quiet, silenced,
Those who think I'm incapable of greater things,
Whose minds are strictly set to believing in endless inequity,
I—have nothing to say.
And yet, a lot to do.